Finding Your Product Market Fit in Online Retail

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 8, 2014 4:37:02 PM

Product Market Fit - Eamonn Grant - Growth Hackers Dublin #3

Recorded 5th June 2014. Growth Hackers Dublin in the Irish Times, Tara Street, Dublin.

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The next thing I wanted to quickly talk to you about was the Wholesale Flower. We also have a Wholesale Flower business. One of the things that we did here was we wanted to talk about product/market fit. We launched this site. We spent about four days taking the Flowers Made Easy site and converting it into the Wholesale Flower site. We spent about 2,000 on product and we stuck it on shelves in the corner and we sold 3,000 worth of product in 12 months, so not very successful but we had loads of data.


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