Jason Roe Founder of ParkYa.com Interviewed

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 9, 2014 9:15:52 AM

InspiredStartups.com - Interview Jason Roe (Parkya.com)

In this episode, we chat with Jason Roe (founder of Predict.ie and Parkya.com and organiser of social meetup Growth Hackers Dublin) to learn about his startup story and to gain insights of what it is like to be an entrepreneur.


Open Brew for Irish Open Data Projects

Posted by Jason Roe on Nov 6, 2013 8:10:36 PM

Open brew is not about brewing in the beer sense. Its about helping to create the right environment and mix to produce some really tasty Open Data projects.

“Open Brew is a movement for open data developers and creatives who are focusing on making open data projects happen.”

[Update Dec 2013] We ran the first Open Brew event in Nov 2013 and it was a bit of a flop! Check out Code For Ireland for a list of open data projects.


ParkYa Parking App Opens for Private Beta

Posted by Jason Roe on Nov 21, 2012 5:00:59 PM

I've been keeping ParkYa under wraps for some time now. Some of you may have heard that we have been working on a new product for a while now. You may have even heard something about a parking app.

In August 2011, I started working on a product that is now called ParkYa. The name of the project changed since back then but our tag line of "Parking Made Easier!" stayed the same. ParkYa is a solution that helps drivers to find and pay for parking (on+off street) via mobile devices.

In July of this year, I was accepted on to Enterprise Ireland's new frontiers programme out in the LINC in ITB. They call it an Entrepreneur Development Programme but it's really more like a start-up accelerator.


New year, new office!

Posted by Jason Roe on Jan 6, 2011 12:33:20 AM

It's that time of year .. The Christmas break is over and everyone is getting back to what they do best. By the sound of it, the vast majority of people in Ireland had a miserable Christmas. Between the bad weather, the lack of water and the countries transport grinding to a halt Christmas was bound to be a bit colorful for you in some way or another!

That said, everyone I've talked to seems to think 2011 will be a good year.. or at least better than last year. With all the doom and gloom over the last while, its nice to hear people being so up beat. I have a great feeling about this year!

Before Christmas, I had the pleasure of joining a new coworking space in Dublin called Amworks. The Amworks space has been up and running for about a year now, so its been around a while. If you haven't heard of the coworking concept before you should pop over to coworking.ie. Its a bit like an office share but on steroids (not in a sweaty body builder way). 


Join the 2010 Beard.ie Movember team

Posted by Jason Roe on Oct 20, 2010 6:02:36 AM

Its that time of year again!


Video, Normal Service Resumes

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 10, 2010 2:56:21 PM

My first video cast thing.. check it out and give me feedback in the comments or via email hello@jasonroe.me


Normal Service Resumes

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 7, 2010 6:30:54 AM

It's been a while since my last blog post. Some of you may or may not have know but back in April I left self employment for the lure of a permanent role. The new job consumed most of my time so I didn’t really feel like tuning in to social media when I clocked off. The job had a big title but had a lot of risk attached. Regrettably after 3 months, I decided the role wasn't for me. My whole work life balance was a bit out of whack!

Resilient as ever, I decided to jump back on the self employment horse and get stuck in. The last week has been quite intense. I've been spreading the word that I’m back and Ive been blown away with the support. It's like I never left! It blows my mind, how supportive the community is in Ireland. Everyone just seems to look out for one another and pick each other up when we fall. Its a really refreshing!

So whats coming next?

Well I'm back doing freelance web development, SEO and social media engagement.  I'm actively looking for new and exciting projects. Let me know if you have something in mind. Email hello@jasonroe.me or give me a call on +353 (0)1 485 36 49


The Bloggers Apprentice, Blog Awards 2010

Posted by Jason Roe on Apr 1, 2010 6:53:27 AM

For anyone who wasn't in Galway for the Irish  blog awards and hasn't seen the The Blogger's Apprentice video, check it out.

Comments about the video from Anthony McG:


Hairy Baby Celebrates NAMA

Posted by Jason Roe on Mar 31, 2010 9:38:19 AM

Hairy Baby clothing company have a treat in store for all the NAMA lovers out there. They have launched a limited edition t-shirt with a whopping 47% discount.


Bell Ringer Vacancies Christchurch Dublin

Posted by Jason Roe on Nov 28, 2009 8:06:19 AM

I received this email today from my house mate Stephen. We live in Christchurch, quite close to a lot of churches. With all the bell ringing, Stephen gets a bit frustrated ! See his mail below:

From: Stephen Kirk
Date: 2009/11/27
Subject: Bell Ringer vacancies
To: Ringingmaster@cccdub.ie


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