Peter Cork Bachelor of the Year 2011

Posted by Jason Roe on Oct 14, 2011 11:58:49 AM

My friend Peter from Cork was nominated/shortlisted for the Bachelor of the Year award. 


Join the 2010 Movember team

Posted by Jason Roe on Oct 20, 2010 6:02:36 AM

Its that time of year again!


Photo walk a successful presentation

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 23, 2010 5:49:39 AM

This blog post is part of my blogging for 365 days series.


Hairy Baby Celebrates NAMA

Posted by Jason Roe on Mar 31, 2010 9:38:19 AM

Hairy Baby clothing company have a treat in store for all the NAMA lovers out there. They have launched a limited edition t-shirt with a whopping 47% discount.


Some gardeners know how plants think!

Posted by Jason Roe on Mar 21, 2010 6:56:45 PM

Quick post to tell you how the gardening course went. Its been almost 5 years since I've done anything horticultural. Being honest, gardening has never been high up on my list of interests. I have completed some basic horticultural /science studies but most of what I covered in that time is now a distant memory.

On the morning, we arrived to a freshly baked breakfast of scones, nibbley bits and freshly ground and brewed coffee. Everyone was introduced and we went over what we were going to cover for the day. Then headed straight out to the garden and got stuck in. Peter had a variety of pots, plants and seeds for us to work with. We covered the basics of growing from seeds, watering seedlings, potting and re-potting plants.


Paddy the anarchists pigging the Storehouse

Posted by Jason Roe on Mar 18, 2010 12:49:27 PM

I had a great St. Patrick's week/day this year. It was a bit of an odd one as it's my first year living in the city centre whilst the Paddy's day festival was on.

I've recently moved into an apartment, located on Capel Street with Louise. Before you ask, yes the noise from the street can be a pain sometimes. For anyone who doesn't know, Capel Street is a small one way street that is located directly at the end of one of our main pedestrianised shopping streets Henry Street. We are just far enough away to avoid most of the hustle and bustle. To be honest, the benefits of being so central really outweigh any of the negative stuff.

Last year I was invited to the grand stand by the guys at I got some amazing photos but it was a bit of a pain not being able to leave the grand stand without having to walk through the parade. This years Paddy's day was a bit of an interesting one. I was invited by Eamon Leonard to watch the parade from his office roof top. We had such an amazing view! His office is located in the middle of Dame Street, just a stones throw from Dublin's City Hall.


Peter Donegan, green fingers gone wild

Posted by Jason Roe on Mar 18, 2010 10:41:15 AM

For anyone who doesn't already know, Peter Donegan is blogger who is obsessed with everything green. I have a lot of time for Peter and his greener events.

I did horticulture in school but always felt like I only had a summary view of the world of horticulture. After a lengthy phone conversation and a number of tweets Peter decided to try his hand at a DIY gardening course. I thought it was a wonderful Idea and signed myself and my other half Louise up straight away.

Peter has one space left available for March 20th. So make sure to drop him a line if your interested.

"Basically: this is for the [wo]man, parent, adult, child who wants to do a bit of green living but not farming. Enough to have summer salads, fresh herbs, maybe even some fruit – at the same time logic enough that you’ll watch footie/ daytime tv and go out rather than hug trees. You’d like a bit of green, you need a place to start but without getting bamboozled – and let it grow from here…."


BTW in honour of Debbie Metrustry, Tuesday 16th Feb

Posted by Jason Roe on Feb 14, 2010 10:54:35 AM

Sabrina Dent and others contacted me to arrange a Blogger-Twitter-Whatever (BTW)  meetup for next Tuesday 16th Feb in honour of Debbie Metrustry who passed away last week. Debbie Metrustry was known up and down the Irish Internet as @debbiemet.

The plan is to meet in the Le Cirk, 32 Dame Street from 5pm on Tuesday 16th Feb. We will get food, drinks and well .. whatever! I'd really appreciate if everyone could give this one a big push!!

Short URL:

In Sabrina's words:  "If you can come, wonderful; if you cannot, we'll raise a glass to Debbie in your name. Our Internet world can be a little fractured so please take a minute and if there's someone you think might like the information on how and where to pay their respects to Debbie, do let them know the time and place."

BTW Meetup:
Tuesday, Tuesday 16th February 5 PM onwards
Le Cirk, 32 Dame Street [web]
Buses from Glasnevin: 140 [map]

Please RSVP below.

Funeral Arrangements:
Viewings: Sunday and Monday until 8 PM
Kirwans, 21-23 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3 [map]
Service: Tuesday, 23 March, 2010 at 2 PM
Glasnevin Crematorium Chapel [map]
Burial immediately following.

Donations in lieu of flowers to Aoibhneas Women's Refuge, Coolock, Dublin 17.  See notice.

We might also do a whip around on the night for Aoibhneas Women's Refuge (in lieu of flowers).


Movemeber &

Posted by Jason Roe on Nov 23, 2009 6:00:29 AM

Its been nearly a month since my last blog post! God, time flys.  I have been taking part in Movember for the last month. Movemeber encourages men to grown facial hair, with the aim of raising money for action prostate cancer and the Irish  cancer society. Its a great cause and you can make a donation, I already have about €145.


Change is good!

Posted by Jason Roe on Aug 9, 2009 4:36:13 AM

I've been neglecting my blog for a little while. Like everyone else, the whole micro blogging thing (@jasonroe) is what has been keeping me going. I'm making a commitment here and now to go back "old school" again and resume blogging. You really cant beat a blog in terms of flexibility. There have been so many occasions where I wanted to write more than 140 characters, but the thought of having to go through the motions bored me to death.

This blog, its identity and who I am has changed a lot since I started blogging. Originally I wanted a place to chat about what I do in work, web design and development stuff. Well who would have guessed, but talking about that stuff after a day in the office bored me to tears. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do but to be honest, I hate talking about work outside of work. I would much prefer to have a good long chat about business than the technical side of what I do.


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