Icon hacking with facebook landing pages

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 16, 2010 4:00:33 AM

 This blog post is part of my blogging for 365 days series.

Icon Reference Chart - A comprehensive chart of icon information for various platforms and devices.

Sugru's magical properties mean it can hack almost anything better .. Hack things and buy some ..


Blog post a day for 365 days

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 15, 2010 11:19:42 AM

I've neglected my blog oh so much over the years and Ive been trying to think how I might redeem myself. So this idea came into my head today ..

I've seen people doing a 365 "photo a day" .. it was all the range last year on Flickr. So I thought id try the same with blog posts. So here we go .. Minimum of one blog post per day for 365 days. It doesn't have to be quality, it just has to be there!

Lets see how this goes!


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