Dealing With Protective Brands & Their Fear Of Digital

Posted by Jason Roe on Jul 8, 2014 3:59:20 PM

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Eamonn Grant - FEAR OF DIGITAL - Growth Hackers Dublin #3

Recorded 5th June 2014. Growth Hackers Dublin in the Irish Times, Tara Street, Dublin.

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So I've got a job with probably one of the best brands in the world. In fairness to the AA, they really are, and voted most trusted brand in the UK only a couple of months ago. And I knew what was getting into. And so the problem with a perfect brand is that they're scared. They're very scared. They're scared of people like me and you because it's a 102-year-old business, and they've always done things the way they've done things, and they're trusted, and they have no Facebook page because of trust. You can't have a Facebook page so we could complain. Wouldn't that be terrible?

When, in fact, people were probably already complaining on Facebook, but we weren't picking up on any of that. So it had its challenges and the biggest challenge for me was to change the mindset. I wasn't going in there to accept a level of . . . Anti-digital would be too strong, but there was a fear of digital. There was a fear of social. There was a fear of engagement. We had an imperfect understanding of where sales came from as a business. Genuinely, we have no idea where sales came from.

We had MI that was wrong, completely and utterly wrong. We thought, "Spend money on PPC, the tills ring." The reality was that that's not what happens. It's a multitude of different things that make a sale happen. So looking at sales funnels, we were focusing on this little bit down here. Spend as much money as you can on PPC, and it will result in sales. But we had over-optimized the hell out of ourselves to reduce the products that we could sell. So my job was to completely change that, to talk about social, to talk about engagement, to talk about utilizing our blog, to talk about forgetting about the front page of the website, and that was the challenge for me.

So we launched a thing called the Moneyball Report, which was an assessment of where we were digitally. We brought the entire executive down to Google for a day, which was completely unheard of at that moment in time. We launched a Facebook page without telling them and showed them how great it was afterwards. So, ask for forgiveness later. We had sign-off from one director, so, again, I wasn't a complete idiot.

But since then, we've done lots of different things. I'll talk . . . I think this bit's probably better for questions more than anything else, but just some of the things that we did with . . . so we brought the management of everything that we did in-house so we no longer had a PPC agency. We no longer had an SEO agency. We did it all in-house. Why? Because we wanted to educate the business as to what it was that PPC did.

We wanted to talk about click-through rates. We wanted to talk about what was involved in getting to position one, two, and three in SEO, and we are. We're in the top three. We're top four now for travel insurance as a term. We're number two for home insurance. We're number one or number two for car insurance. That was unheard of two years ago. We were page two. We were page three. But little tweaks, little changes that were understood by the senior management made things change.

So growth hacking stuff that I was doing for a million-year-old business is now working in a 50-million-year-old business or a 100-million-year-old business, right? So I knew I was getting away with it, which is great.

Recorded 5th June 2014. Growth Hackers Dublin in the Irish Times, Tara Street, Dublin.

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