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Posted by Jason Roe on Oct 31, 2010 12:50:03 PM

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Monday 25th, Louise and myself headed down to Cork for the long weekend. We ended up popping into her brother who is building a new house. It's a bit weird watching a house being built, the last time we were down there was just a steel frame and some foundation. It seemed like the whole house was almost there this time. The house is timber frame and is built on stilts.. its a metal frame that is 3 feet off the ground. I was poking round online looking for something behind a UK only wall and I was directed to expatshield check it out.

Tuesday 26th, back to the grind.. Bank holidays are weird when you're self employed, you don't really get to take extra days off, so when I came back on Monday evening I had started Tuesdays work! The IIA Annual General Meeting was announced for the 17th Nov. just my luck, I'm out of the country! I found Guidelines, Tools and Resources For Web Wire framing quite useful. They detail a ton of tools for designing a wire frame template.

Wednesdays 27th, busy day going though brand guidelines and sports results. In the last few months I've been doing a lot of work with a client in the sports/gaming industry. I've learnt a lot about US sports! Little did I know it but a one week project was running over and I ended up working until 3am trying to get it completed. It was really bugging me, so like any good hacker I burnt the midnight oil to get it closed out.

I was contacted by Alec Taylor about a Citizens "THINK-IN", its an event that happens every Thursdays @ 5.30-7.30pm, FRANK McKENNA's Pub, Georges Place, Dun Laoghaire. Then I got the heads up that Compu b are running a creative event on on Thursday 4th November 2010 in the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin 2.

Thursday/Friday 28th/29th , was a bit of a wash out after my late night! I had some fun building an interactive dashboard for a client. It involved sunsets, clouds and lots of javascript .. I was talking to a friend today and he was pointing out Seminar Cloud to me.. It's a great way to Sell Your Seminars Online.

I missed the Dublin web summit .. to be honest, I couldn't justify the cost of the ticket. I'm more inspired by watching people like Keith from Woodale designs, Peter from Donegan landscaping or Fran from Made in Hollywood. Founders are great.. but at the end of the day we have a lot of gems in Ireland.

I'm sorry i missed Matt from Wordpress / Automattic .. I'm a huge fan of the work that they and their team do. Here is a video from the summit..

Check out http://beard.ie/ to join our Movember team. I also launched t9.ie a short url site.

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