Some people, need no introduction or thanks!

Posted by Jason Roe on May 15, 2008 3:26:23 PM

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Well that may or may not be true, but I thought it would be an intresting post. Being honest, Im not sure why this came into my head today.

There are some people online who I would like to say thanks to...

This list in no paticular order.

I first met Laura aka @czajkowski at Skycon down in Limerick some time back. A while ago she helped my find an N95 via #linux, Thanks! PS: she also introduced me to pear cider...

I contacted James Corbett aka @EirePreneur out of the blue in relation to coworking. He was one of many people I randomly emailed asking for some help with the project. Thankfully he accepted the request with open arms. When we last checked the site has over 150 active memebers (real people based on our coworking survey). Since then, we have watched the spawning of a number of coworking locations within Ireland. Without people like James and others this may never have happened. Thanks!

From what I remember, I met Damien Mulley via Michele Neylon god knows how long ago. Hes always been a straight shooting no nonsense kinda guy. Via the blog awards, Damien donated 1000 euro of the procedes to st francis hospice (my charity of choice). Thanks dude, a lot more than I ever expected!

Michele Neylon and all his crew in blacknight have kept me a float hosting wise for the last 5 years or more. I may just be a client, but it never feels like that with these guys. As Dave Davis always says, “they are one of the good guysâ€.

Feel free to pass this blogish gesture on to someone else.. Its good to say thanks.

Jason Roe

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Jason Roe

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