Ryanair no credit card fee + 0.00 flight bug

Posted by Jason Roe on Feb 19, 2009 6:18:24 AM

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Ok, As I was booking flights down to cork for the blog awards, I noticed something a bit strange. When I went to change my flight times, all of the prices on the flights had changed to Total Cost of Flight 0.00.

BIG hello to all the Ryanair staff ;-)

I worked out what had triggered this series of events. While trying to avoid the dreaded Ryanair credit card charges, I jumped into the Ryanair Voucher section. There are no card charges on vouchers, so it can be a good way to avoid extra fees.

At the same time I had the booking window open on the Services section of the booking. When I went back to the Confirm / Select page all the prices had changed to 0.00.

Pass this on!! .. See you all on Saturday at the Irish Blog Awards!!

CLARIFICATION: I did not claim to complete the booking process for a free flight. I found a bug that showed a 0.00 price listed beside a flight. Orders could not go past the passenger details page.  Please See the less than constructive comments left by Ryanair staff below.

Update: I have changed the title from "FREE" to 0.00.

I'm loving this! Check out what the guy's from Made In Hollywood sent me today!

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