Dans le merde! 10,000 iQ prize

Posted by Jason Roe on Mar 7, 2009 5:46:38 PM

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I'm surprised that no one has blogged this yet! IQ Content have announced a Dans le merde‚¬10,000 prize for the best business plan for a web app.

In his “Yet another web app or successful business talk Morgan compared Ireland of 1977 with the Ireland of 2009. As in 1977 Ireland is currently dans le merde. But at iQ Content we're not interested in adding to all the bad news. We want to tell a better story. Better for everyone. Better for Ireland.

This is why we've announced the iQ Prize. What is it? It's 10,000 for the best business plan for a web app.

Morgan's speech was truly inspiring! iQ deserve a lot of respect for their contribution to the web community. I've always been a huge fan of iQ content, but even more so now. Good on you guys! I'm even tempted to submit one of my own :)

Please pass this message on! Re-tweet, Re-blog .. whatever .. just get out and push for this one!

Jason Roe

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Jason Roe

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