BTW Meetup Oct 21st 2010 7pm

Posted by Jason Roe on Oct 1, 2010 5:37:06 AM

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As part of the latest round of ad-hoc meet-ups in Dublin (Ireland) .. we decided to run another Blogger-Twitter-Whatever (BTW) meetup.

The plan is to meet in the The Church Bar (Dublin) at 7pm on Thursday 21st Oct. The church bar is located on Mary street. Mary street is the street that connects Henry Street with Capel street. We will get food, drinks and well .. whatever!

The event is free to attend.

The guys over at Blacknight have offered to sponsor some drinks. So we will have free food and some free drinks .. what more can you ask for!

I thought it might be nice to give blacknight a plug.. so check out their offers over at If you're looking for a personal branded domain name then .me is the perfect choice. Nothing quite says you like .me . Blacknight for the win!

It would be great if you could invite some friends to register. :P more the merrier!  There will be finger food. Id really appreciate if everyone could give this one a big push!

The community at Yelp are going to be coming down to hang out with us :) There may be a few new faces! Check out the The Dublin Weekly Yelp to see what they get up to.

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Jason Roe

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