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Posted by Jason Roe on Apr 3, 2009 4:40:17 AM

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Id like to say a big thanks to everyone who came to the April BTW in Dublin. We had over 58 people show up!! I hope you all had a great time. Photos via Fergal Byrne are up on We hope to run the Dublin BTW aka Blogger-Twitter-Whatever (BTW) meetup. event every two months.

To mix it up a bit I also wanted to run a Cork event in parallel. Please blog and TWEET THIS on twitter.

The venue is the Boardwalk Bar & Grill, We will be meeting at 6pm sharp. Directions here.

By Lucinda O'Sullivan

What is BTW?

BTW stands for Blogger – Twitter – Whatever .. The first BTW meet-up was held on November 2008. The aim of the meet-up is to open up our "niche web community" to a wider audience. BTW is an informal gather of people who are interested in (but not limited to) bloging, social media and the web. There is no agenda or rules .. people turn up, enjoy themselves and meet new faces.


Ok so this is a bit of an experiment. We had a lot of people from Cork who couldn’t come to BTW Dublin yesterday. I absolutely feckin love Cork, so we decided to bring BTW to them.

So here is the deal. We will be doing a BTW meet-up in cork on Saturday 25th April. The venue is still to be decided. It’s a Saturday instead of a Thursday so that some of the Dublin peoples can come down. No flying Ryanair!!!

I will need a bit of help on the ground down there, so let me know if you are interested in arranging a venue. I have put another order in for badges!!

For the moment if you are interested please register below.

*Cork Bonded Warehouses by anaxila

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